What’s on Page 45?



Wow! Two fun writing blogs about my book 2 days in a row! In honor of Chick Lit Month–May, on the Chick Lit Chat group on facebook. So what IS on page 45? Take a guess.

In Roll With the Punches, page 45 is where Rhonda realizes just how much hot water she’s in with her book having been stolen and her dad a sudden wild card—quite unpredictable and irrepressible (in layman’s terms: looney tunes) in his actions. Her mother is about to have surgery on a broken ankle, and Rhonda’s siblings are out of town. She’s really stressed out, waiting at the hospital. So take a guess what she does—what any red-blooded American librarian/novelist would do under such sudden, elemental, parental and societal pressure.


  1. She snorts a bunch of coke? Uh, nope. She’s too cheap to buy it. And being allergic, she’d probably sneeze it all into the next county. L. A. has plenty of drug problems without her adding to the mix.
  2. She gets drunk? Nah. Getting drunk is for wusses. Or for later in the day.
  3. She goes to the mall and buys out Nordstrom’s? Hah! With her credit score? Get serious. Besides, she still has t-shirts and shorts with a few good wearings left in them.
  4. She chows down on burgers and fries at McDonald’s? You have very bad taste in burgers. We may not let you guess any more.
  5. She does word scramble puzzles at the speed of light with the aid of her super color/letter sensitivity? BINGO! We have a winner! Of course, after that, she leaves her parents snoring in the hospital to hop in the car and head for the beach. A girl needs fresh air and gorgeous views to figure this hard stuff out.


Please join Rhonda in more of her rollicking, humorous chick lit mystery/adventure, full of fun and light romance: Roll with the Punches. Here is her blurb:

Falling is extra hard on tall people, like Rhonda Hamilton: the bone breakage, the bruises, the ignominy of it all. And Rhonda’s falling, hard. The latest novel from a reclusive national bestselling author is a twin to the manuscript she’s just finished and started marketing to agents. Some wild roller derby girls add a bludgeon of crazy to Rhonda’s hunt for the book thief, but can they find out the truth before her reputation tanks?

Plus, Dad is acting odd: storing milk in the garage and throwing away Rhonda’s clothes. Two drool-worthy guys offer to help, guys Rhonda would gladly fall for, if her life weren’t careening between crazy Dad, crazy-ass derby bouts and burlesque fundraisers, and crazy-inducing mudslides. Only one thing is sure: if she wants to nail the wily plagiarist and keep Dad safe, Rhonda had better stay up on her skates to avoid a very big fall.







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To enter, answer the following question in the comments section below. You can enter at each of the blogs participating in the pageant. That’s 37 chances to win! Entrants must leave their full name, along with an e-mail address. A winner will be chosen via Random.org on Tuesday, May 19th. This giveaway is open to residents of the USA only.

In 4 or 5 words, why do you think Roll with the Punches would be a good read? (Be sure to leave your email address to enter.)


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  7. Well, the What’s on Page 45? blog hop has come to an end, and a winner has been chosen via Random.org. Drum roll please . . .

    The winner of one pound of gourmet caramels kindly donated by Whitney’s Goodies is Janine Rowe!

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