1. Roll With The Punches


A rollicking, humorous chick lit adventure, full of fun and light romance.

Falling is extra hard on tall people, like Rhonda Hamilton: the bone breakage, the bruises, the ignominy of it all. And Rhonda’s falling, hard. The latest novel from a reclusive national bestselling author is a twin to the manuscript she’s just finished and started marketing to agents. Some wild roller derby girls add a hint of crazy to Rhonda’s hunt for the book thief, but can they find out the truth before her reputation tanks?

Plus, Dad is acting odd, storing milk in the garage and throwing away Rhonda’s clothes. Two drool-worthy guys offer to help, guys Rhonda would gladly fall for, if her life weren’t careening between crazy Dad, crazier roller girls, and crazy-cute hunks, then rocketing through derby bouts, giant mudslides and burlesque fundraisers. If she wants to nail the wily plagiarist and keep Dad safe, Rhonda had better stay up on her skates to avoid a very big fall.


Alice in Monologue Land cover OCT 2017 final


2. Alice in Monologue Land (Alice Chronicles Book 1)

When adjunct English instructor Alice Chalmers gets roped into reading a part in an upcoming campus production of The Venus Monologues, her life spirals out of control. The teaching job of her dreams is open, but the staid hiring committee won’t appreciate seeing her on stage discussing the V-word. Pressured by her dean to perform, Alice is in monologue hell. When she calls the production “The Venomous Mambas” or “The Viral Meningitis,” her children howl. But Alice has more pressing problems: some of her female students are disappearing.

At monologue practices, Alice meets the Venus Warriors, a fearless group of college women who cheerfully dish on men, menstruation, and menopause while bonding through skydiving and workshops where ALL things feminine are explored. Add an odd trio of men who long to explore all things feminine with Alice, starting with her lips and moving toward her monologue zone. But seriously: A snake-loving professor in Birkenstocks? A chain-smoking student with a chin mole? Or a too-young Colombian coffee god? The choice makes her head hurt.

Things get rough when someone sabotages the monologues with loose stage wires and poisoned brownies. But when one female student is found dead and another is in peril, the Venus Warriors fly to the rescue, and Alice skydives smack into an alligator’s nest of answers.

Deck the Malls with Purple Peacocks Book cover OCT 2017 final

3. Deck the Malls with Purple Peacocks (Alice Chronicles Book 2)

“Reading something by Amy Gettinger is like getting the best surprise ever in that box of Cracker Jacks!

This time out, Ms. Gettinger tackles some pretty heavy topics, then tosses Alice and her cohorts into the mix, turns on the blender of mayhem, mystery and madness and out comes the delightfully entertaining DECK THE MALLS WITH PURPLE PEACOCKS and yes, it is stuck in my head on a loop, music and all!

From a secret immigration status to unscrupulous employment blackmail to a company takeover, Alice Chalmers, Georgette Jones and Julie Bowers don their super sleuth personae and take us on a laugh-a-minute-journey as they risk life and limb to uncover, expose and right wrongs! But have they been bamboozled by someone they thought was an ally?

Will Alice become part of the Mall Christmas decorations? Alice is determined to make one hardworking young woman’s future this Christmas Merry and Bright, but she and her cohorts may have some serious “cleaning up” to do, and their investigations may “hook” them up to more trouble than they could have imagined.

Amy Gettinger’s writing style is as bright and cheery as her keen fashion sense when it comes to hats!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Amy Gettinger! This is my voluntary and honest review.”  ~ Dianne Bylo of Tome Tender Blog


4. Pranks and Poodles

“Today, Amy Gettinger went shopping with me. Okay, PRANKS AND POODLES went shopping with me and I am pretty sure, as I walked down the aisles, earbuds in and chuckling out loud, people cleared a path. If you have read any of Ms. Gettinger’s books, you know what I am talking about. It is impossible to be anything but in a good mood after one of her romantic comedy reads!

April Fool’s Day at the Marcks house has been the highlight of this wacky family’s year and NO prank is too crazy, too over-the-top or too big to pull off. Xenia’s five sons have done their late father proud this year, but fun and games was not at the top of Xenia’s list. Money is tight, and her husband left them nothing. Okay, he hadn’t planned on dying, but there should have been some money to help raise her boys and where could it have gone? Xenia despairs when she realizes all of the possibilities and a crazy hunt to find the lost funds will take her far out of her comfort zone and cause her to doubt the crazy prankster she loved. To make things worse, this April first she would have to make one of the most heart-wrenching decisions ever and it is no joking matter.

Life must go on and what Xenia finds causes her to open her eyes and her heart to the truth, but not until her boys have turned her house and then her heart into a pink, frothy mess.

Feel the ups and downs of love and loss, change and the joys of coming out better than okay! If you had a tail, I guarantee it would be wagging!

I received a complimentary review copy from Amy Gettinger!” ~ Dianne Bylo of Tome Tender Blog.



5. Kiss My Sweet Skull

A collection of seasonal short stories featuring the faculty and students of Garden Beach College, the fictional home of my novel, Alice in Monologue Land.

“Cupid, with a Eucalyptus Tree, in the Teachers’ Workroom”: Annabelle Lopez’s anonymously delivered valentine is so perfect that she knows her soul mate is tantalizingly close by, except none of the local candidates seems quite right.

“Apples and Goat Cheese, and a Red Bikini (In France!)”: Frannie, an au pair girl for a surfing family on the sunny French Riviera, finds  romance … and trouble lurking in the dark. The clue could be in the apples and goat cheese.

“Kiss My Sweet Skull”: Is pumpkin pie seriously the best answer for anthropology professor Dr. Betty Hundleby’s awful skull nightmares at Halloween? Or could an oddly timed kiss be just the thing she needs?



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