1. Roll With The Punches


A rollicking, humorous chick lit adventure, full of fun and light romance.

Falling is extra hard on tall people, like Rhonda Hamilton: the bone breakage, the bruises, the ignominy of it all. And Rhonda’s falling, hard. The latest novel from a reclusive national bestselling author is a twin to the manuscript she’s just finished and started marketing to agents. Some wild roller derby girls add a hint of crazy to Rhonda’s hunt for the book thief, but can they find out the truth before her reputation tanks?

Plus, Dad is acting odd, storing milk in the garage and throwing away Rhonda’s clothes. Two drool-worthy guys offer to help, guys Rhonda would gladly fall for, if her life weren’t careening between crazy Dad, crazier roller girls, and crazy-cute hunks, then rocketing through derby bouts, giant mudslides and burlesque fundraisers. If she wants to nail the wily plagiarist and keep Dad safe, Rhonda had better stay up on her skates to avoid a very big fall.



Alice cover with bigger medallion 2016

2. Alice in Monologue Land

When adjunct English instructor Alice Chalmers gets roped into reading a part in an upcoming campus production of The Venus Monologues, her life spirals out of control. The teaching job of her dreams is open, but the staid hiring committee won’t appreciate seeing her on stage discussing the V-word. Pressured by her dean to perform, Alice is in monologue hell. When she calls the production “The Venomous Mambas” or “The Viral Meningitis,” her children howl. But Alice has more pressing problems: some of her female students are disappearing.

At monologue practices, Alice meets the Venus Warriors, a fearless group of college women who cheerfully dish on men, menstruation, and menopause while bonding through skydiving and workshops where ALL things feminine are explored. Add an odd trio of men who long to explore all things feminine with Alice, starting with her lips and moving toward her monologue zone. But seriously: A snake-loving professor in Birkenstocks? A chain-smoking student with a chin mole? Or a too-young Colombian coffee god? The choice makes her head hurt.

Things get rough when someone sabotages the monologues with loose stage wires and poisoned brownies. But when one female student is found dead and another is in peril, the Venus Warriors fly to the rescue, and Alice skydives smack into an alligator’s nest of answers.



3. Kiss My Sweet Skull

A collection of seasonal short stories featuring the faculty and students of Garden Beach College, the fictional home of my novel, Alice in Monologue Land.

“Cupid, with a Eucalyptus Tree, in the Teachers’ Workroom”: Annabelle Lopez’s anonymously delivered valentine is so perfect that she knows her soul mate is tantalizingly close by, except none of the local candidates seems quite right.

“Apples and Goat Cheese, and a Red Bikini (In France!)”: Frannie, an au pair girl for a surfing family on the sunny French Riviera, finds  romance … and trouble lurking in the dark. The clue could be in the apples and goat cheese.

“Kiss My Sweet Skull”: Is pumpkin pie seriously the best answer for anthropology professor Dr. Betty Hundleby’s awful skull nightmares at Halloween? Or could an oddly timed kiss be just the thing she needs?


4. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Chick Lit

A warm, funny, often romantic anthology of stories about all kinds of women at holiday time—perfect to relish with a cup of hot cocoa and a fuzzy blanket by the fire.

In Jax Abbey’s “Jingle Bells and Social Fails,” there’s epic Christmas disaster. Rather than a proposal, Reese MacDowell gets an invitation to accompany her boyfriend of two months to his parents’ annual Christmas party, from which their relationship may never recover.

In S. E. Babin’s “Holly Jolly Heartache,” Jess catches her long-term boyfriend with another woman right before Christmas. On the rebound and in search of her one true love, she accidentally opens Pandora’s Box, unleashing a series of sometimes hilarious, sometimes awful events.

Laurie Baxter’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” features Ming Leibowitz, who ironically loves Christmas and the movies. Today she’s treating herself to a little of both. Too bad the blockhead who broke her heart in high school just showed up.

Holly Tierney-Bedord’s “The Miraculous Power of Butter Cookies” follows the boisterous Buefred family through thick and thin—a lot of thin. Now, can the estranged Buefred clan bake their way to success, happiness, and reconciliation in time for Christmas?

In Vivian Brooks’s “Christmas Cookies,” Kinsley never liked much of anything in life, except her grandma’s Christmas cookies. Then she started working with Perry. Darn. If she wasn’t so shy and quiet, she might not have such sleek competition to win his heart….

In Geralyn Corcillo’s “It Doesn’t Show Signs of Stopping,” two cross-country flirty texters have a chance to be together this Christmas—if they can weather the thunderstorms, the teen drivers crushin’ on each other, and the unexpected calamities of flaming rum punch.

In Amy Gettinger’s “Deck the Malls with Purple Peacocks,” a hard-working Mexican woman living in California needs help keeping sight of her big dream this Christmas. Can Three Wise Women and a cute, cheeky Cuban come to her aid? With the help of some purple peacocks?

In Tracy Krimmer’s “Candy Christmas,” introverted Candy didn’t ask to host the company holiday party, but that’s exactly what she’s doing. Will she go from sweet to sour when her best friend not only intrudes on her apartment, but meddles in her love life?

Monique McDonell’s “All I Want for Christmas Is …?” features stressed-out ER doctor, Miranda. Home from Sydney for a Christmas wedding, she discovers that in moving away to find herself, she might have gotten horribly lost. Can she find herself again amidst Chameleon Bay’s sweltering heat, a mountain of baby’s breath, meddling relatives and a hunky barista?

In Susan Murphy’s “Mistletoe and Mayhem,” Callie Ashton’s life in the big city implodes, and she has no choice but to return to her home town of Moonta Bay, South Australia and all that she left there. With old wounds to mend and new faces in town, there might be a little mayhem under the mistletoe this Christmas.

Kate O’Keeffe’s “I’m Scheming of a White Christmas” finds Tilly Grayson in New York City. She’s set on a Christmas caper, out to get back at the boy who once humiliated her—Brady McKinnon, her high school crush. But has Brady changed? And will Tilly realize it before it’s too late?

Grab a cup of cocoa and read this baby! You won’t regret it!


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