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@NikkiL_Books Book Review: It’s beginning to look alot like Chick Lit, a holiday anthology via @tdmiller820917


In Deck the Malls with Purple Peacock, Amy Gettinger skillfully portrays the difficulty of working in the mall during the holiday season through the eyes of Araceli Martinez. Araceli endures a thankless job with an insensitive boss because she dreams of opening her own dress shop. Despite this being a short story, Gettinger fully develops Araceli’s character. The reader will feel both her determination to succeed along with her frustrations. In addition, Gettinger uses vivid descriptions to paint her tale. Here is a young woman mourning her mother while seeking the dream of small business ownership. Add to this the wrinkle of being an illegal alien who wants  to obtain American citizenship and a burgeoning romance and you have a story that will both entertain and have you thinking.  Deck the Malls with Purple Peacock will have you believing in holiday miracles.

Source: @NikkiL_Books Book Review: It’s beginning to look alot like Chick Lit, a holiday anthology via @tdmiller820917

I Got Blogged Again!


Here I am in living color on Susan Murphy’s blog!!!!—author-all-round-superwoman

I am just incredibly popular this week!!! Thanks, Susan! (who also happened to write a story for this anthology):



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Meet Amy Gettinger

Meet Amy Gettinger

Hey, I’m featured on Holly’s blog today!!! Yippee!


The best parts of working on an anthology is meeting other authors. I recently had the pleasure of getting to know ten from across the world. Today I’d like to introduce you to Amy Gettinger of California. Her story “Deck the Malls with Purple Peacocks” kicks off our anthology. She was also our anthology’s proofreader and a fabulously supportive part of the puzzle.

amyPhoto courtesy of the author

Amy’s Bio:

Amy Gettinger, once a community college ESL instructor, now coaches reader’s theater for seniors. She lives in her dream house in Orange County, California underneath a eucalyptus windrow full of parrots and crows. For fun, she walks the local beach cliff path with her husband and the dogs–and thinks up perfectly ridiculous characters and crimes to write about.

Here’s what Amy has to say about herself and her favorite Christmas traditions. She even shares a recipe!

I am a mother…

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