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Adventures on Twitter with Janet E.


Twitter and I are not intuitively linked in any way, shape or form. I prefer Facebook. Or a phone conversation. Or face-to-face chats. Old school communication. Talk to me. I hate symbols. I write long. I write books with 120,000 words. Short stories with 10,000 words are just barely adequate for me. Flash fiction at 250 words? I suck at it. 140 characters is not enough to characterize a sneeze for me, much less meaningful communication.

But I have been talked into tweeting by the self-publishing wizards I’ve met on Facebook. I made a few crappy attempts at promoting my work to my 15 followers, not quite understanding the uses of # and @, and generally failing at leaving promo posts on Facebook that were supposed to be easily re-tweetable.

So I stepped back, away from Tweet-land. Then on Facebook one day, a friend said there was a thing going on about #WomenWriteFunny. I went on Twitter and tried a while and finally found the thread. I thought, this is a free-for-all. Go for it. So I tweeted, “@janetevanovich is the Queen of #WomenWriteFunny.” I mean she is. She really is. She blows up a car in every book, and her characters eat donuts without apology. What’s not to like? Then I went off and did things I feel much more comfortable with. Like dishes and dog-petting.

So today, I went back on Twitter, just for kicks. Well, not exactly. It was because I got duped by a fake story of Prince William and Kate having their baby and announcing it on Twitter. Riiiiiiiiight. Silly me. Anyway, I followed 100 people and then I checked my notifications. Janet Evanovich, my favorite funny writer, my go-to when stressed, had favorited my silly #WomenWriteFunny tweet!